Saturday, July 05, 2008

Retracted Statutory Declaration

There is an ongoing battle between the two of them. Dirty linen is being thrown for public viewing. Personal attacks not witholding. Alleged criminal involvement of a personal nature and not so personal nature holds sway.

Reading the first statutory declaration made by the PI Bala & looking at his demenour and reactions as well as facial expressions, I am inclined to believe that he made it of his own free will and all the contents seem believable. Reading the retraction afterwards & using the same criteria as above, I am prone to believe that it was made under duress. Come on, no one retracts a statement (SD) such as this in under 24 hours, it does not make sense unless he was intimidated. Whoever planned this made a blunder. If the PI were to make a withdrawal SD, he should have waited for at least a week. Then perhaps it would be a little more believable. It would have been better to leave the SD as it is and allow the police to investigate because it is not easy to prove what is written in the SD. As it stands now, I believe the majority of the public does not believe that the second SD is true.

Whilst there is a major battle ongoing, the Prime Minister have a breathing space. Looks like right not, the one person that DOES benefit from this is only one man, and that man is Abdullah Badawi.