Monday, April 30, 2007

BN has won in Ijok

So it seems that for now, Malaysia deserves least in the case of Ijok. This is a reflection of the people.

I often see people in their cars, be it a BMW, Merc or a proton, throwing rubbish out the window. And it is done by all the major races in Malaysia. We may think that we are clean and hates filth but the fact of the matter is that we are not, we only think we are clean but the truth is otherwise.

This is the same with the government, we may think that we deserve a better government but we constantly vote the same people in. So, we get the government we deserve.

If the government does not do a good job, then we cannot blame them because we voted them in. So we might as well sit back and enjoy while we still can.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

NST 28.04.07: Spectre of phantom voters reappears

NST wrote:

"The opposition charges that such electoral fraud is allegedly carried out with help from the Election Commission, an agency under the Prime Minister's Department.

Election Commission officials have repeatedly rubbished such accusations but to no avail.

[]...There is also an eight-year-old listed as a voter. "

SPR has till now not answered on the inclusion of a 8 year old (more accurately a 7 year old) on this list.

You be the judge!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rempit Culture in UMNO Youth

The rempits will remain rempits. Perhaps they will change. But to change a person's character is no easy feat. In most cases, they will remain unchanged.

Perhaps UMNO have always thought of itself as being above the law. Even if they are still subject to the same law, many feel they can manipulate the system to their advantage and escape punishment.

Getting the rempits into UMNO is the next step. Now they can use this unruly individuals to do their dirty work. Instead of fighting them, join them. They have always thought that they were above the law. THus this is its natural progression, to get the unruly who have always thought of themselves above the law to join a party whose members feel they are above the law.

To attact more mat rempits under the fold of UMNO, some of them are sent off to the north pole for a parachute jump funded by the public.(a money totally wasted just for personal publicity of the event organiser- UMNO youth!) When more rempits join UMNO, they will perhaps during election time terrorise those who do not wish to vote for UMNO or BN.

Nothing has changed. Society has become less and less rational and more morally degraded.

What else is new?

SPR : Please Provide a Satisfactory Answer

IC 990518610029 implies that the person was born on 18 May 1999 and this makes the person to be a 7 year old. A little to young don't you think to be eligible to vote in Ijok?

Is this what is being purported by the opposition parties as one of those "phantom voters"?

Please provide satisfactory answer and not just another stupid excuse which will even insult the intelligence of a 7 year old.

Should the SPR be tasked by the court of law for this blatant trangression of democracy?

If Malaysia Develops More Efficient and Cost Effective Parallel Businesses to Singapore's

Malaysia is developing parallel businesses to Singapore and over the long term it would be more cost effective to operate in Malaysia rather than Singapore.

Singapore would have to diversify and depend less on businesses that Malaysia is aggressively diversifying into.

Singapore would direct more of its busineesess into high end products and knowledge based economy but this too will eventually be caught up by Malaysia if Malaysia is as aggressive as during Tun Mahathir's time.

Eventually, in 50 years' time, Singapore would have no option but to beg into joining Malaysia.

That day will be a glorious day for Malaysia!

If Malaysia Cuts it Links with Singapore

If Malaysia cuts all trade with Singapore, Singapore would sink in a matter of months.

Eventhough Singapore trades with other contries excluding Malaysia and its dependence on other sources of income excluding trade, these are in small proportions.

The vast majority of Singapore businesses is highly dependent on Malaysia.
So, if I were a Singaporean Minister, I would try to be a little humble and not to be too confident in their own abilities because they need Malaysia perhaps more than Malaysia needs them.

Bernama 26.04.07: Najib reveals reason for Khalid's animosity towards BN govt

I thought Dato Najib said that BN would not launch a personal attacks on the character of individuals but to concentrate on what BN would do for Ijok?

It seems right this minute Dato Najib is the one personally attacking Tan Sri Khalid.I wonder if PKR personally attack the BN candidate? I have not heard anything of this nature from Tan Sri Khalid.

So, it is obvious that there is double talk and we cannot take statements at face value.

We may hear Najib's side of the story, but until you hear it from the horse's mouth, then all judgment concerning the integrity of individuals should be suspended.

Afterall can we really verify that Dato Najib is cleaner than the person he attacks. So do he actually have the moral standing to attack Khalid?

I would suspend my judgment.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

NST 24.04.07 : BN frets over weak Malay backing in Ijok polls

The roads into palm oil estates are freshly-tarred, there are more street lights and many women have received new sewing machines.

Apparently this had not occurred in 15 years. All those while, Ijok was under BN.

It is sad that the attention that should've been given for the past did not take place. It took an unfortunate demise of Ijok's BN local lawmaker for change to occur.

We may just ask the question, had this not taken place (the unfortunate demise of the said individual representing BN), would there be more street lights, donations to mosques, freshly tarred roads, new sewing machines etc etc.

If BN won this time around, could we expect that money would be pouring in or the opposite is truer? We all know what the obvious answer is. So let the voters decide for themselves.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Excerpts taken from The Malay Ideals (2002) ; Chapter 8 : Wealth and Poverty

Other than this, the culture of meritocracy has to be introduced after the targets of the NEP have been achieved. The NEP in education has indirectly made the Malay students more complacent in the academic area because they know that they will be favoured when it comes to job selection and opportunity in government service. Therefore there is no need to strive hard for a good degree and this eventually makes many of them second-class workers in terms of quality and professionalism. The culture of mediocrity does not guarantee that the best brains get to develop their potential. Students may be dismissed because the places for them may have been taken by less able candidates. Therefore, even if a person were capable, he would not get anywhere had he not been able to educate himself through other means. Thus, his potential and the country's potential progress has been jeopardised by limiting the number of the most able candidates into higher education.

The Malay Ideals : Excerpts from Chapter 6 : Education

We believe the best way to solve the problem of integration of the ethnic communities perpetuated within the education system is paradoxically, to encourage the different races to enrol into the Vernacular Schools. For instance, the Malay parents ought to be fostered to enrol their children into Chinese schools. It may be ironic but it is a way of making sure that the composition of races in the classroom itself reflect the reality of this multiracial country and by having them in one classroom, it would help them relate to one another and aid in the process of integration and discourage racial bigotry. In line with this vision, a quota system might be introduced and established which requires say at least 30 per cent of the school children in Chinese schools to be Malays and Indians  vice versa with Indian schools. This will seek to further represent more of the ethic make up of the nation under one roof  in classroom setting. This proportion will be increased stage by stage until it reflects the true composition of the people of Malaysia. To encourage and to place a quota system in assuring students of different ethnic backgrounds enrol into the Vernacular Schools would also be fruitful in another aspect  they allow the Malays and others to learn an additional language. Furthermore, Chinese schools are well known for their methodical approach to education and are highly competitive and tax the minds of the young, which in turn would train these youngsters to become more resilient and tough. Teachers here are also said to be more serious in their work especially with subjects such as Mathematics and the Sciences.

It is probable that this idea would not go down well with a lot of parents if it were to made law to enrol their children into Chinese schools. Therefore what is needed is mere government promotion and encouragement. Special inducements and incentives may attract a larger pool of non-Chinese students. The government needs to educate the races of the benefit of attending these schools. When the ethnic Chinese or Indians see that the Malays are interested in enrolling into their schools and learning their languages, they will open up and the Malays would no longer be accused of a people whose only motive is to impose their "Malay-ness" onto others. Prejudice thereby would mitigate. If the move to encourage enrolment into the Vernacular Schools is a success, and if there is a need, more Vernacular Schools could be set up if these schools can no longer manage the escalating number of students.

There is of course the possibility that a great majority of the parents would harbour fear in enrolling their children into Vernacular Schools and would resist the move to do so. To circumvent this problem, the government has to correspondingly and concurrently make it compulsory for all students in all streams of schools to learn a third language. People will begin to see that there is no longer real difference between these schools and the national schools * the only difference would be in the name of the schools and the third language learnt as a subject rather than as the medium of instruction. As a matter of fact it would probably be better to end up in Vernacular Schools during the primary years because students will be exposed to their 'third' language even more and they will be adept to it. This would encourage Malay parents for instance to enrol their children into these schools. Classrooms in the Vernacular Schools would then have a racial mix similar to the National Schools.

When these measures are successful, the subsequent step of total abolishment of Vernacular Schools (by their replacement with the National Schools) in the Malaysian education system would be possible. Nevertheless, its abolishment is crucial if the nation were to create better integration and the moulding of a Bangsa Malaysia (Malaysian Race). When this is possible, fully residential schools which are almost exclusively opened to the Bumiputera communities have to be phased out gradually by opening their doors to the other races outside the Bumiputera races. Their ethnic composition are reminiscent of the Vernacular Schools, thus, maintaining their exclusivity and promoting ethnocentrism.

Friday, April 13, 2007

NST:13.04.2007 : Caring for parents: No urgent need for law

THE government is not ready to introduce legislation compelling children to provide for their parents the way Singapore has done.
Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said family bonding in Malay- sian society was still strong and there was no need for a similar legislation.

"However, if there is evidence that more children were sending their parents to care centres, then the government will not hesitate to introduce legislation to protect senior citizens," she said while replying to points raised during the debate on the Care Centres (Amendment) Act 2006.

Must we wait until the situation gets serious before we do something about it?

Looking at the probability of things, the situation will get worse not better with time. Therefore we should introduce legislation NOW before the problem spirals out of control. Take preventive measures NOW. Don't do as we always do : when the problem gets out of control, only then we scramble to take action when many have already sufferred!

The Star 13.04.2007 PM: We’re making strides in fight against corruption

Action speaks louder than words Mr Prime Minister.

It is no use telling the people that the government is making strides in this area when the case of Johari Baharum which was supposed to be announced at the end of October 2006 never came.

Five UMNO members have filed a complaint with the UMNO disciplinary committee on 29th September 2006 that money was used during the Kubang Pasu Divisional meeting held on 9th September 2006. A decision was forthcoming within two weeks, but it never did. Until now.

If you want to tackle corruption, do it within your party first and foremost.

You can fool the people some of the time but you cannot fool the people all of the time.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Sun 03.04.07: Govt denies RM3m allocations for Umno division chiefs

Lim had asked why there was a RM3 million allocation for every Umno division (parliamentary constituency) which was meant to enrich the respective Umno heads.

He also asked why the RM600 million was allocated without parliamentary approval.

The RM600 allocation was announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on the eve of last November’s Umno annual general meeting and the RM600 million was disbursed by the Finance Ministry on Dec 22.

Awang Adek said the allocations were channeled to the Implementation Coordination Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department and disbursed to the federal development departments and state development offices.

The way the issue was explained shows that the government does not care for anyone and does not give a damn what we think. They trespess in broad daylight and walk the earth with arrogance.

We will have to show them the way out! We do not need arrogant politicians running the country as if this is their sovereign right!

Time to change!

The Star 03.04.07: MP worries about crime rate

Indeed...this is a clear indicator of dwindling economy contrary to the government official lines.

We know for certain that during properous times, crime rate is kept at a manageable level.

Improve on the economy and you will see crime rate dwindle. It is as easy as that.

However...we are quite skeptical of this outcome because we can see clearly the government does not know how to manage the economy. All they do is run headlines in the newspaper saying that the economy has never had it so good.

Who are they trying to fool?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Iskandar Development Region in Johor

Iskandar Development Region in Johor is doomed right from the word go if there is no scenic or straight bridge replacing the causeway.

The current traffic flow and the bottleneck on the causeway will never allow for the kind of volume needed to sustain a large development centre such as the IDR.

We do not understand the mentality of the current governement in mooting for the IDR when such basic concept as traffic flow is not understood. As far as we are concerned, this project will be a total failure down the line, unless the causeway is replaced by a full bridge.

The causeway aside, other factors do not look promising either. The floods that hit Johor recently will leave a lasting effect on the minds of us and Singaporeans who might have an inkling of investing in the region. The floods might be a yearly event from now on (though we hope this is not the case) as climate change may have been effected due to global warning and other events.

The IDR is also a threat to our soverignity. We should never allow other nationals to trespass into our borders as if it is an international land. We should not allow foreigners to rein free without documents, buy up properties as if they were the lawful citizens of Malaysia. Even if it is for the sake of better economy we simply do not sacrifice our soverign right over our own land which we fought hard to keep..with blood and tears.

We should only look at what happens to Palestine when Jews came all over the world in the in late 19th Century and early 20th Century. Eventually they lay claim over the area and the Palestinians are dispossessed.

We have to be careful about Singapore because they have the siege mentality of Israel.

We should learn from history. Do not forsake our land for a piece of gold which we still have yet to possess. In the future it is our children who will suffer and fight for the mistakes we made in the past...due to our own ignorance.