Monday, January 15, 2007

Resign, If You Are Incompetent!

Yes, you heard me right, resign.

This goes for every one of us. If we are not doing our job the way we should, just leave. Civil servants, workers, labourers, bosses, politicians, top execs, ministers, councillors, you name it, all must bear responsibility.

If you think you can fool around and get away with it, you are just dragging everybody down with you. The honourable thing to do is to give up that position of yours, if you do have some honour in you. Don't fool others and certainly don't fool yourself.

If you sleep when you are supposed to be chairing a meeting, if you sleep if you are at your work desk, if you asks someone else to punch your card, if you slip out during inappropriate hours to have your extended breakfast, if you slip out from the office running your personal errands, if you do not do your job properly and with the standard expected of you, if you constantly arrive late at work or at meetings, if you think that your work can be done tomorrow instead of today, if you wished you had not had to come for work, if you wished you could get your salary without working or with doing the minimum amout of work and hope others do not notice this, if you do not wish to do the work of others but expect others to do your work, if you think that your work is unimportant, if you think that it does not matter if your work gets done or not, if you are too slow at work, if you contantly make mistakes, or if you make even one great and dire mistake that gravely affects many others etc etc...then you must go.

Does not matter if your income is less than a thousand a month or more than ten thousand a month.

Do the honorable thing. Resign! Truly, this is better for us. And truly, this is better for your soul!

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