Tuesday, June 05, 2007

11th Hour

At 4pm, a day before the murder trial took place, the AG found it fit to change the prosecution team.

Is this to ensure that the prosecution will be more effective?
Is this to ensure that the prosecution will ultimately fumble?

I've never seen a single case change defence lawyers and prosecutors at this rate in history. This should go down in the Malaysia's book of records or perhaps the Guiness world book of records.

For goodness' sake, can't we just go on with the trial without manipulating who is ultimately to be found guilty and who is to be allowed free? For goodness' sake, someone's life has already been stolen, and you people ought to be thankful that it is not your life that was stolen. Imagine if it was indeed you who were being blown to pieces. Who will look after your dependents? How has this aggravated the lives of many who depend on the deceased, the young ones, the elderly. Have the murderers and plotters ever thought of this? It is not just the life of the deceased that was taken, it is also the lives of those around her that was taken away for good. You would not want this to happen to you or your loved ones and you find it fit to do it onto others? How misguided you have become. And you think you will be safe and go unpunished?

Indeed humanity has lost its soul. I pity those who think they can get away with murder. They might be safe in this world, but they will never escape punishment. And they think they can live forever? No, indeed they will realise that time is relative. And that a hundred years on earth is but a blink of an eye. They will not escape punishment. Never.

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