Friday, June 15, 2007

Human Trafficking & the Sex Trade

This problem has been there in Malaysia for ages and there isvery little being done. Indeed the authorities and government are not serious. They raid a place and the place itself springs up again the very next day. The perpetrators go scot free, and these enslaved workers get detained for having no legal documents.

I dont think the US is wrong in their statement that Malaysia is one of the worst countries involved in human trafficking. Only we are in self denial.

The government would justify, especially in the case of the sex trade that the trade cannot be rooted out, and may even provide justification to have these forced sex workers/slave in this Muslim country! Call it social responsibility and providing much needed services!

I call on the government to shut up and buck up! I bet in 1 year's time, after all this fiasco is over, after the war of words have subsided, there would be more people being trafficked into Malaysia and the sex trade will flourish to an even the government would still be doing nothing meaningful to stop the trade. Mark my word.

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