Tuesday, April 24, 2007

NST 24.04.07 : BN frets over weak Malay backing in Ijok polls

The roads into palm oil estates are freshly-tarred, there are more street lights and many women have received new sewing machines.

Apparently this had not occurred in 15 years. All those while, Ijok was under BN.

It is sad that the attention that should've been given for the past did not take place. It took an unfortunate demise of Ijok's BN local lawmaker for change to occur.

We may just ask the question, had this not taken place (the unfortunate demise of the said individual representing BN), would there be more street lights, donations to mosques, freshly tarred roads, new sewing machines etc etc.

If BN won this time around, could we expect that money would be pouring in or the opposite is truer? We all know what the obvious answer is. So let the voters decide for themselves.

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