Sunday, April 01, 2007

Iskandar Development Region in Johor

Iskandar Development Region in Johor is doomed right from the word go if there is no scenic or straight bridge replacing the causeway.

The current traffic flow and the bottleneck on the causeway will never allow for the kind of volume needed to sustain a large development centre such as the IDR.

We do not understand the mentality of the current governement in mooting for the IDR when such basic concept as traffic flow is not understood. As far as we are concerned, this project will be a total failure down the line, unless the causeway is replaced by a full bridge.

The causeway aside, other factors do not look promising either. The floods that hit Johor recently will leave a lasting effect on the minds of us and Singaporeans who might have an inkling of investing in the region. The floods might be a yearly event from now on (though we hope this is not the case) as climate change may have been effected due to global warning and other events.

The IDR is also a threat to our soverignity. We should never allow other nationals to trespass into our borders as if it is an international land. We should not allow foreigners to rein free without documents, buy up properties as if they were the lawful citizens of Malaysia. Even if it is for the sake of better economy we simply do not sacrifice our soverign right over our own land which we fought hard to keep..with blood and tears.

We should only look at what happens to Palestine when Jews came all over the world in the in late 19th Century and early 20th Century. Eventually they lay claim over the area and the Palestinians are dispossessed.

We have to be careful about Singapore because they have the siege mentality of Israel.

We should learn from history. Do not forsake our land for a piece of gold which we still have yet to possess. In the future it is our children who will suffer and fight for the mistakes we made in the past...due to our own ignorance.


Anonymous said...

I feel sad with your narrow minded thought and apprently lack of maturity, althought you are well educated and you are expected to lead your race to be more confident and capable in facing challenges. It time for you to let go your 'tongkat' and feel proud for yourself and your race, and stop blaming others for your own inferiority.

Anonymous said...

You are a Chicken who noes nothing but to leave ur brain at ur ass with that kind of thought. that is why some people and race never seem to be civilised and move up in their earnings dude!!