Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rempit Culture in UMNO Youth

The rempits will remain rempits. Perhaps they will change. But to change a person's character is no easy feat. In most cases, they will remain unchanged.

Perhaps UMNO have always thought of itself as being above the law. Even if they are still subject to the same law, many feel they can manipulate the system to their advantage and escape punishment.

Getting the rempits into UMNO is the next step. Now they can use this unruly individuals to do their dirty work. Instead of fighting them, join them. They have always thought that they were above the law. THus this is its natural progression, to get the unruly who have always thought of themselves above the law to join a party whose members feel they are above the law.

To attact more mat rempits under the fold of UMNO, some of them are sent off to the north pole for a parachute jump funded by the public.(a money totally wasted just for personal publicity of the event organiser- UMNO youth!) When more rempits join UMNO, they will perhaps during election time terrorise those who do not wish to vote for UMNO or BN.

Nothing has changed. Society has become less and less rational and more morally degraded.

What else is new?


Ainan said...

MRSM Perlis 1987-88?
Hang kenal aku lagi tak..


Anonymous said...
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