Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bernama 26.04.07: Najib reveals reason for Khalid's animosity towards BN govt

I thought Dato Najib said that BN would not launch a personal attacks on the character of individuals but to concentrate on what BN would do for Ijok?

It seems right this minute Dato Najib is the one personally attacking Tan Sri Khalid.I wonder if PKR personally attack the BN candidate? I have not heard anything of this nature from Tan Sri Khalid.

So, it is obvious that there is double talk and we cannot take statements at face value.

We may hear Najib's side of the story, but until you hear it from the horse's mouth, then all judgment concerning the integrity of individuals should be suspended.

Afterall can we really verify that Dato Najib is cleaner than the person he attacks. So do he actually have the moral standing to attack Khalid?

I would suspend my judgment.

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