Monday, May 28, 2007

NST: 28.05.2007 Women's Dressing: Drastic change of mindset needed

"It is a fallacy that "provocative" dressing leads to sexual crimes. And yet this fallacy persists, not just in the minds of some men, but also in the minds of some women."-NST

This statement needs to be qualified first before it is being dished out as a matter of fact.We ought to conduct a study between "provocative" dressing and sexual related crimes. Perhaps the best way to do this ought to be conducted by sociologists, comparing Asian countries that still maintain a degree of moral dress codes with that of the open dress codes of Western countries.

Looking at previous statistics, studies and reports, it seems that sexual crimes against women in Western countries far exceed those of Asian countries. Although this is not a direct cause and effect, it does seem to point to a certain direction and we may speculate with a high degree of probability what the outcome of the studies mightt be had it really been undertaken.

We may also ask some questions. If dressing provocatively is not reason for fear of increasing sexual crimes, then why do we not allow topless bars, nude shows, and playboy magazines (we will not mention pornographic films) and the like to operate in this country?

Will the presence of such increase rape in the country? From the argument of those who oppose the linkage between proper clothing attire and crime such as rape, we would suggest that their answer would be a resounding "No". But of course we know that this is not true.

In Thailand a few years ago, there was a trend for young women/ school going teenagers to wear a top without bra, because this would be more attractive as one would be able to take a peak at the jutting nipple. This mode of dressing was subsequently banned because it was deemed immoral.

Would we allow women in Malaysia to dress in the same manner? Perhaps we should allow it because some say that there is no relation between dressing and sexual crimes.

I remember not too long ago when people were shocked to see the natal cleft of a women through the exposed part of the back of her jeans. Now, it can be witnessed everywhere since there is a new trend of donning low cut jeans. Nobody screams anymore but if this "indecent exposure" is not indecency, I dont know what is.

And if men see this as sexually stimulating, who are we to blame?..those wearing them or those looking at them?

We may then pose another question, if everybody starts to dress in this manner, even if the men wanted to avoid looking at what attracts them the most, could they really have avoided it, when they are surrounded by these 'attractive' ladies? And in the course of one's daily goingabouts, if images of these women constantly bombard the brain of virile men, and as a result, increase their baseline/resting sexual arousal, and with that, tip them over the scale....then who are we to blame?

Is this not sexual harrasment of the visual kind, I may ask? We have no choice but to look at them although we wish it would be otherwise. As a matter of fact, we would be happier going about without having to be caught staring down someone's backside or bossoms. If it does not incite sexual cravings in virile young men, the least harm it does is distract someone from their work and attention.

But mind you we know that most women care for attention. Well, who doesn't, its human nature. Exposing some parts of their anatomy is one way of gaining attention because women know what attracts men. And women like attention, as do men.


Anonymous said...

I guess all are back to basics... for a muslim, it is fairly made known of the 'aurat'. Hence, if the females dress accordingly there will be no issues of 'dressing to kill' and what naught. For the males... its like drugs, you have the options, to try it once, to try it twice..... to look at once.. or to look at twice. The problem with trends... we are so 'slaved' to it... why is that we must follow every single details of the western world, why not just be satisfied with the norms.. a simple tee and jeans, wouldnt do harm.. but mostly choose to be 'cool' and trendy... since the west is doing it. Luckily the westerners are not eating shit (or are they?).. if yes, perhaps we the Asians will follow suit.

As for the sexual crimes... hmmm... name me one programme in the media which does not incite the viewers of sexual related or indicating one, aprt of those religious programmes and cartoons. Even Animal Planet is highly propagating sex in the animal kingdom.. and to the human minds, how will that relate to our behaviour?

Anonymous said...

What you are saying is basically justifying sex crimes. HELLO? Nobody ask to be to be assaulted sexually and NO ONE can justify raping or molesting a person.
What are you saying man? That we women should appease you men just because you can't control your sexual desires?

If you say we're departing from our conservative asian roots and emulating our western counterparts then what about you men? Aren't the asian men suppose to respect and protect their women? Aren't asian men suppose to treat women as ladies. Aren't asian men more honourable and such?

It is people with mentally like yours that sex crime exist. Because you think it's justifiable. And if you must know, most women who are victims of sexual crimes are usually decently dressed.

Shame on you for even suggesting that notion.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2.17am....

I was merely addressing the root cause. Please read carefully. I believe I never said anything justifying the act of crimes via my writings.

This is another problem with human... jumping up and down, and being selective reader.. reading only what they wanted to believe, preconception and later on misconception. Not reading between the lines, and apprehending what really matters.

Asrul Zamani said...

Please read the article again before making the wrong conclusions.

Anonymous said...

There's no need to consult sociologists to conclude that provocative dressing and indecent exposure directly increases the rate of sexual crimes. Just watch CSI and realise that 2/3 of their episodes are sex-crime related, and locations are Las Vegas, Miami and NYC. You don't need a degree to figure out what these 3 cities have in common.

As for Women's Lib and all that... know that Men have the muscles and Women the attractiveness. If women flaunts their 'assets', men will too -- not in a good way.

There's a fine balance between the two sexes and both must maintain their respective decorum. That's the only way to sustain a Civilised Society.

Those Who Do Not Learn From History are Doomed to Repeat It.

Learn from the Greek and Romans.

Anonymous said...

Learn from history.. yes, learn from the Romans and Greeks.. learn their demise?

Chibster said...

Your opinion writing doesn't take into account of 5-year-olds who were raped. I'm sure it's due to those cute frilly dresses and that little pink cekak that's soooo sexy & provocative.

Btw, also according to reports, rape victims are chosen indiscriminately, whether they're well covered or not. In the mind of the would-be rapist, I'd doubt the criteria whether the intended victim is well covered up or a good Muslim is one of it.

Still, I do agree with you that there are limits as according to circumstances.