Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Star:23.05.2007: Women asked to be raped

It is human nature and more specifically that of men that they are attracted to sexy women or sexily dressed women.

Otherwise, why would you have topless bars and nude bars and porn movies?

And of course some men cannot control their desires (due to their mental fault) and the begin to harass women.

So, sexily dressed women do attract the attention of men and may have a cause in the increase in sexually related crimes on women. Having said that, men ought to be able to control their actions. Women dressing sexily is a separate issue from men raping women. However, dressing does play a major role in causing men to be more sexually alert and consequently may play a role in criminal acts.


Anonymous said...

Kalau ikut logik sdr,
kes rogol biasanya melibatkan mereka yang berpakaian seksi.
Maka pertamanya pasti kita akan dapat melihat perogol-perogol berjimak dimerata-rata! Tengok sajalah Grammy Awards. Seksi 100%.
Kedua, tafsiran sdr. terhadap lelaki adalah teramat rendah.
Bayangkan, kalau anjing pun kita boleh mendisplinkanya hingga sanggup menolak umpan tulang didepan mata, apatah lagi manusia? Masaalahnya bukan pada tulang tapi pada si anjing!

Anonymous said...

Kalau ramai berpakaian seksi, seperti sekarang, tengok tv, pergi shopping centre, jalan di kaki lima..lelaki yang nampak perempuan seksi di dalam kepala dia dah memuncak ghairah. Nampak yang tudung pun dia orang hanya nampak bahagian tertentu badan sampaikan budak kecik pun diaorang dah naik nafsu. Jadi tak hairan yang bertudung dan budak kecik pun boleh jadi mangsa rogol.

Anonymous said...

When a women has one clothes she can attract the wrong type. If a women puts on a high skirt that you could clearly see to much leg that can say to any men. "she wants to play and she is on the whild side" She may feel sexy but that also tells men she wants to play and the worst thing women can do is keep doing this. There is one thing to play with your sexuality but another when you play with men's dicks. Is it the men's falt that he got turned on by the women no that is what she wanted. is it her falt he raped her yes and no. Yes she did put clothes on but not to be raped but she put on the look that take me.
Truth is its both the women's falt and the man's falt. Her falt for not seeing that if you treat yourself as a sex object others will see you that way. His falt for not seeing that she may be new to her sexuality and may not know she is turning on the world with the outfit she has on.