Friday, May 25, 2007

Western Fear of Increasing Muslim Citizens

There is a fear in the Western world that the increasing number of Muslims in their own countries will in the future cause extreme dissent amongst its citizens and may bring about a clash of civilisation in their own backyard.

There are some who advocate extreme policies of curtailing the freedom of religion in the West because they foresee that Islam is hell bent on destroying their very own political and secular system.

There are some who wish that the influx of Muslims and the increasing growth rate of Muslims in Western countries ought to be reversed.

The increasing number of Muslims and their inevitable increase in political and economic influence can no longer be reversed.

Part of the reason why there is an influx of muslims into the western world is due to past colonisation of Muslim lands. Western states colonised and plundered Muslim lands for hundreds of years and thereafter felt obliged to admit these when the various Muslim nations faced persecution and wars (cf seperation of India/Pakistan..persecution and civil war in North Africa etc)

THis is perhaps a classic case of past misdeeds coming to haunt the West.

And since there is no way of reversing the scenario, the West will just have to learn to adapt with the Muslims increasing in numbers and mixing with the population.

I foresee Muslims will over time, slowly gain the acceptance of non-Muslims, provided the Muslims themselves abandon zealous religious extremism.

This can be attained, provided of course justice could be served in Iraq, Palestine and other Muslim countries trampled by the West for the West's self interests.

This choice is left to the political masters of the West. They hold the key to assuage the increasing disattisfaction of Muslims in the West. There must be an about-turn in Western policies on the Middle east and Muslims countries if they were to avoid the scenario of Muslims in the West becoming more hostile to their own governments.

If this is effected into place, then I foresee Muslims and Non-Muslims living amicably in Western countries and integrating freely in the future.


Yahya said...

While factually I think its correct that changing Western government policies in the Middle East will improve the integration of Muslims, I don't think it is right that any Muslim should chose to fight against their fellow citizens (I'm talking about Australian,US or UK Muslims here). Not that you have said this or even mean it, but I'm just taking a possible extension of your train of thought that some may follow.

Since Australian/US/UK Muslims accept and enjoy the advantages of holding Western citizenship, including education, often access to social service benefits etc I think they have formed a pact of cooperation with those governments, like the Jews of Madinah did with the Prophet (SAWS). This supersedes the need to fight to support foreigners be they Muslim or otherwise, in my view.
Of course, in democratic societies, Muslim citizens have the right and the responsibility to ARGUE against unjust wars etc. However, when this crosses into active support for the enemies of the state or terrorism against their fellow citizens, they should be considered traitors and I won't shed any tears if they are executed. A Muslim above all should be truthful and loyal to his or her word.

I think all imams in the West should be fluent in English (or the local language) as a minimum requirement. They should be prepared to remind Muslims of their loyalty to their country regardless of its foreign policy decisions. I wouldn't join the army to fight in wars I don't believe in (whether against Muslims or not), but I would report anyone who I heard was prepared to commit an act of violence against my country to the police in a heartbeat. I live under the protection of the law and order and the umbrella of the social security of my country, and my fellow citizens deserves that in return. That's my interpretation of my Islamic responsibilities, and I think if mosques in Western countries constantly teach this loyalty integration will proceed eventually and Muslims will be seen as an integral part of Western societies, not as hostile aliens

Asrul Zamani said...

Thank you Yahya for all of your comments. I must say that I agree entirely with what you have expressed which show profound maturity. I agree that Muslims living in Western countries have tacitly agreed to be bound by the laws of the country and thereby should forego any attempt to subvert it through undemocratic ways.

I too agree with hiding people's faults but perhaps you are right in that there is something that we could learn from TDI's life.

Bea said...

Good words.