Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Every Single Individual Malay Is Ultimately Responsible

Excerpts taken from The Malay Ideals (2002)

To strive for excellence must be every Malay's single obsession and priority. This is the only way to improve themselves collectively. This is because every human organisation ¾ be it political, economic, scientific, cultural, religious, and others ¾ including the community and the nation are made up of single individuals. To strengthen an organisation, one has to invigorate the individuals that make up the organisation. If the individuals that make up these organisations are weak, the organisation itself will be weak. If the individuals are rich for example, the nation will become prosperous, and so forth. If individuals are superior, then the community will be superior also. Bearing this in mind, it is obvious and expedient that every individual Malay has to vie for superiority. Mediocrity will not improve the fate of a people substantively. Each Malay person, man or woman therefore has to strive and struggle in impelling himself or herself to the limit. Each person must be the cog in the wheel helping to support the wheel of Malay progress through sheer individual strength. If the cogs are weak, the wheel will be in ruin. If Malay individuals are weak, the Malay community will be frail. Also, Malay individuals must not be satisfied with his or her achievements. They must continuously improve. They must be intent on achieving perfection and to better perfection even.[1] There is little use in having a few leaders, corporate individuals, or intellectuals striving very hard when the rest of society is not concerned. Leaders will not be able to make much change if the masses refuse change. Every individual Malay must be motivated and dynamic before the Malay community as a whole can become strong. Every individual must be productive before the Malay society can produce results. The Malay mindset has to covet greatness through struggle, toil, strenuous efforts, persistence and fortitude. They must strive hard, in all their efforts and undertakings. This must be made the Jihad (striving) of the Malays the new mindset of the Malay salient feature. This, has to be their unwavering belief and commitment. Only through this mechanism can they become truly successful.
[1] Perfection here implies excellence. Perfection is only relative to one's given knowledge and skills. With increased knowledge and skills, excellence can be pushed further into a greater state of perfection.


Muhammad Ilham said...

ha.. betul tu.. jangan ada cog-wheel rigidity cukup..

Asrul Zamani said...

Oh...doctor rupanya!

Mr Benny said...

errr... not me, though I know i can 'google' it. dont understand the jargon. LOL.

Anonymous said...

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