Tuesday, June 12, 2007

KL Downpour : A Surprise Visit

It rained for four hours on 11.06.2007, reminiscing the downpour recorded on an exact date in 2003, a revisitation.

And the result?....flash floods that even prompted the Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to make a surprise visit to the DBKL (Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur) the day after, requesting explanations and making recommendations and demands. This is the sort of leadership that Malaysia requires, far from the half-hearted response seen during the previous massive floods late last year that hit southern Malaysia in which we saw the PM seemingly prioritising his end of year holidays than that of the fate of the rakyat.

This is a good sign that AAB is on his toes, perhaps a result of his new marriage. The Premier seems to have acquired a new burst of energy and enthusiasm in his work. Let's just hope that this is a start to a better leadership which I must say is rather lacking for the past few years since Tun Mahathir Mohamed stepped down.


Shazee said...


i'm at monash university sunway campus. i see you went to imperial. impressive!

Benny Looi said...

Indeed a nightmare... the capital itself faltered with each heavy downpour. I guess something really is wrong somewhere. Even back then during the mining days of Kuala Berlumpur weren't there floods like this I guess...

can see some serious facial expressions on PM last night in the news... and of course can also see some stammering notes from those briefing him... lol.

by the way, Shazee.. meet Asrul, Asrul... meet Shazee :)

Asrul Zamani said...

Thanks for the comment benny and of chorse shazee.

Indeed, there are many culprits. But one of the most talked about is the dumping of rubbish in river therefore reducing depth and width as well as clogging the system. Not to mention narrowing of river due to the clearing of land upstream and bringing down sludge downstream.

Both can be avoided of course. But as you know, human attitude is hard to change if not instilled from young.

The Japanese schoolchildren are made to carry home whatever rubbish they make in school. We adults, through rubbish out the car. Our cars are immaculate. But not our streets or rivers.

I hope those reading this article do not do such terrible things that ultimately will come to haunt us in the future.


Anonymous said...

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