Friday, February 09, 2007

The Doers and the Do Nothing

There are three types of people in this world..perhaps four.

First...the doer...they dont talk much...the get things done.

Second...the talker and the doer...they talk...and they get things done.

Third...the talker...they talk...but they do nothing.

The fourth...they dont talk...they dont do anything.

The current administration is the talker but the do nothing. Tun Mahathir was the talker and the doer.That is why we get things done during Mahathir's time. Now, we get nothing done. All we seem to do is form another government body, which churns out even more talk (guidelines) and do nothing of substance.

To be an effective leader...regardless of whether you say or not MUST be a doer.

It is easy to talk, it is hard to do things. The current administration is doing the easy job of talking. But nothing gets done. The administration has been blaming bureucracy for the past 3 years...until today. What has been done? Nothing. Now we have another body to study and provide yet another guideline within 6 months to reduce bureucracy.

When Mahathir says something...he makes sure that the idea gets executed. It is no easy task but he gets the job done.

The majority of people are the non-doers. There are only a handful of doers. Doers are those that get the job done. This is what matters.


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