Thursday, February 22, 2007

Malay Mail 21.02.07 : Hounded by 20 bikers on the NPE

The problem of wayward and not so bright Malays having suicide tendencies bordering on the schizoid and paranoid personality, pepperred with self aggrandization and mania bent on criminal tendencies. This is definitely a personality never classified before. Perhaps we should class it as Rempit Personality.

Perhaps they are just attention seeking Malays who have no aim in life, whose main motive is to enjoy and have fun while they still can. Even doing stupid stunts that may land them in hospital or 6 feet under does not deter them.

How distasteful, how ignorant they can be. How wasteful.

I have seen some at the tender age of 17, paralysed completely from the waist down. Smiling in a hospital bed. Oblivious as to what will entail in his life of being a disabled.

They have no regard for themselves and they certainly have no regards for others. There is something inherently wrong with these Mat Rempits. It is perhaps a psychological disability or perhaps, an intellectual disability.

The inability to gauge the danger that they pose on themselves, the contempt and disrespect for other's rights.

These individuals are far....far away from Islam. If you ask me, I am inclined to deduce that they are no more non Muslim than those who deny the existence of a God.
To me, they are no longer Muslims. They may be Malays, but they certainly are not Muslims.

Malays should do away with these kinds of "Muslims". We do not need them. And they certainly do not need us.

If you wish to stop their activities, confiscate their motorbikes for an indefinite term, impose corporal punishment on those caught, and halt the sale of liquor in easily obtainable outlets such as 24hr convenience shops.

These steps will greatly reduce their activities.

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zewt said...

confiscate their bikes? hell no... they are going to give them free bikes instead!!