Sunday, February 18, 2007

Women : Empower Thyselves

A crime such as rape is commited by men upon the vast majority of cases.

If someone is prone to attack, the only way to avert it is to take action to protect oneself.

If you are an individual who is being attacked, what would you do? You empower yourself to take action to protect yourself.

A woman is the victim of women must take action to protect themselves. They have to empower themselves. They can blame men for raping them, but in the end, what matters is that they should take immediate action to protect themselves because no one else can or will. Their own personal safety is directly in their own hands. So, take whatever precautions needed.

It is pointless to ask men to wear the chastity belt...because first and foremost...the will not do it. If they are to rape women, why would they wear the belt in the first place. And no one will monitor if men wear these belts or not. Whichever way it goes, it must be a voluntary practice.

There is no point in men blaming women and women blaming men for the causes of rape. At least not when a woman's personal safety is concerned.

Therefore in such circumstance, women must seek ways to protect themselves. Perhaps chastity belt is out of date...perhaps it would be better to allow them to carry a stun gun, pepper spray and other devices to thwart attempted rape. They must also look into the reasons why they could be a target of potential rape (and avoid it)...such as walking home late at night in a secluded area...being too close to male collegues (most rapes are commited by persons the women know of)....being intoxicated and taken opportunity of by men....wearing too scantily clad clothes which attract undesired attention (even at home eg rape committed by family members)....and many more. These are immediate actions that can be taken.

To change the attitudes of men will take a longer time. Meanwhile, women must act to protect their own dignity while waiting for men to change...if there is any.


zewt said...

i think that fella was asking women to wear it instead. having said that, he turned around said ..."joking aje..."

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