Tuesday, February 13, 2007

If Worse Comes to Worse - A Mahathir & AAB Showdown

Mahathir has been trying very hard to oust Abdullah Ahmad Badawi from the presidency of UMNO because of the obvious reasons we all know of.

However, UMNO and BN machinery is too strong and the award of contracts and other underhand tactics being the norm to secure votes, it looks like the nationwide tour by Mahathir may not be producing desired results when it matters.

The culture of UMNO makes it difficult for the non-incumbent. The incumbent holds all the power to persuade and dissuade.

If worse comes to worse, there is only one way do unseat the president. However, this requires great sacrifice from Mahathir. All of this could take place in the coming general election.

Mahathir would have to challenge AAB to a showdown - a contest in the same constituency in a neutral ground. Mahathir would of course have to leave UMNO.

We are not sure if AAB would be brave enough to accept the challenge. My guess is that he would decline it flatly, citing some other reasons other than fear of losing to Mahathir.

If Mahathir wins, then he could teoretically rejoin UMNO. AAB may still be the president of UMNO, however, he would not be able to continue as PM. He will undoubtedly remove himself from the top post because of the obvious.

If AAB wins, then Mahathir loses everything within UMNO just like Dato Onn Jaafar.

Too great a sacrifice? You be the judge.


azmi said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts in the wee hours. What do you think if Anwar Ibrahim joins UMNO?
That would be the day I celebrate.

Asrul Zamani said...

Hi Azmi

Actually the posting was not sent at 329 AM as stipulate. Perhaps the settings on my computer or the blog site which registered the wrong time. I'd prefer to be sound asleep at that time rather than be on the web for whatever reason :-)

Anyway, getting back at your question of Anwar rejoining UMNO...well to me ...I am not too concerned if he rejoins or otherwise. If he did rejoin, it would be interesting because this could lead to a shake up within UMNO and not to mention the even greater power struggle that is to entail.

Wheather it is of benefit us Malays or Malaysians if he rejoins UMNO, this is debatable.

To me, Anwar is just a populist. Nothing more. He is a good orator and able to command the attention of most people (not me unfortunately) and he has good ground support still.

In terms of whether he can deliver....is totally another matter. Honestly, I am not convinced. He is not a visionary leader. His ideas are limited. They are not spectacular. At best he is mediocre. So, my judgment is, if he were to become PM, he would be no better or only slightly better than the current leadership....but nothing to celebrate about.

Malaysia needs a strong and visionary leader to lead it in this increasingly competitive world. As far as I can see, Anwar will does fit this mould.

Asrul Zamani said...

typo..Anwar will not fit this mould.