Thursday, February 15, 2007

Utusan Malaysia 15.02.2007: Hentikan ali baba – PM -- Ketirisan kontrak akan gagalkan usaha majukan kontraktor bumiputera

This is easy to accomplish.

Stop the awarding of contracts to UMNO linked contractors. Most are not true businessmen. They know nothing about being a contractor. All they do is become a middlemen to secure contracts. No wonder leakages occur.

But we are skeptical that this will take place because of political patronage and the culture of awarding to individuals well connected to UMNO in order to secure continued personal political support.

In other words, this scenario is likely to continue in the foreseeable future.

We do not think the leadership has the courage or the determination to change this practice.


zewt said...

this is quite a blog... what made you go active after the long break from august?

Asrul Zamani said...


I was constantly on the move. Now, I've managed to get hold of 3G mobile broadband....which means that I can post my blogs anytime and anywhere. That's the main reason.

And not to mention...those trespasses committed by those in power with utter impunity!