Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Star : Dr M nominated for Nobel Prize (4.02.2007)

This says it all.

A befitting tribute to a great man who has been rather unorthodox in his approach to handling various crises and a great humanitarian (as the usual case with those with medical training).

We have yet to see if Tun wins the coveted prize. As a citizen of Malaysia, and being under his premiership for two decades plus, there is no other Malaysian fitting for this nomination.

He may not win the prize, but the nomination itself is invaluable.

When many Malaysians fail to see his great contributions to his country and to others, it is foreigners who spot his true worth.

Too much of politics is not good for the health of a nation.

Too much of vested interest, too much self interest always affects judgment. In the end if you only have your personal self as consideration, you will ultimately lose wisdom.

If any of you are in politics for self interest, then the sooner you move out of politics, the better it is for you and for the rakyat.

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